Professor Kim Dong-kyu

Baritone and Professor Kim Dong-kyu

First Korean to debut at La Scala, Italy.
Star Flooring, the choice of Korea’s global vocalist, Baritone Kim Dong-kyu

B.A. Department of Vocal Music, Yonsei University
Milan Conservatory Music College, Italy
Lead Singer in La Scala Theater, Italy

1991: Winner of Verdi International Opera Competition
1997: Individual Vocalist Award
1997: Music Award at Today’s Young Artists Award
2008: Cultural Figure Award

The first Korean to debut at La Scala Italy. His life story of successes and failures until he became Korea’s global vocalist, a feat he achieved with his own efforts. His voice moves people deep inside with his beautiful songs. Experience Star Flooring, the company of the choice of Kim Dong-kyu, the baritone that wants to popularize opera.

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