STAR HPM flooring

STAR HPM flooring


Basic but high quality flooring, Star HPM flooring.

Star HPM flooring is consisted of HPM(High Pressure Melamine) laminated on multi-layered plywood. Due to HPM, it realizes natural colors and patterns of real wood along with strong surface against scratches and impacts. And we are supplied plywood from Indonesia and Malaysia, where are very fine and stabled qualified plywood manufactured, so it minimizes deformations resulting from changes in temperature and moisture.

This is the favorable floors in Korea as combined its advantages of Laminate floors and Engineered floors. Also, its effective thermal conductivity gives the product excellent heating functions.


Hardened HPM (High Pressure Melamine sheet)

Strong abrasion resistant (Al2O3)

High thermal conductivity

Super E0 grade of Formaldehyde emission (Below 0.3㎎/ ℓ)

Strong Stain resistance, Discoloration resistance and Easy maintenance

Quality guaranteed by own production from the initial to the packing




KH-701 OAK

KH-702 Natural Oak

KH-703 Royal Oak

KH-704 Wash Oak

KH-706 Maple

KH-707 Afromosia

KH-708 Teak

KH-709 Natural Teak

KH-710 Walnut

KH-711 Soft Walnut

KH-713 Grey Oak

KH-714 Beige Wash

KH-715 Grey Wash

KH-716 Ivory Wash

KH-717 White Ash

KH-718 White Grey

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Plank Size :
95(W) x 800(L) x 7.5(T)mm T&G glue down Installation
140(W) x 1200(L) x 12.0(T)mm / 15.0(T)mm T&G Installation
Surface treatment :
HPL(Melamine impregnated decorative sheet) protected by Anti abrasive overlay
Usage :
For normal usage in domestic areas and suitable for bottom heating system

With the best materials and technology, Star Flooring is focused on making unique products.