The excellent technology of Star Flooring meets Italian design master, Stefano Giovannoni, to be reborn as an art.

1954 Born in La Spezia, Italy
1978 Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence.
Current professor at Project University, Reggio Emilia

One of the founders of the King-Kong Production and Voly Disc Exercise, He has received multiple international design awards.

The master of Industrial Design, Stefano Giovannoni stands with Star Flooring. The beloved designs of Stefano Giovannoni, unique, practical, and stylish, will now cast a spell on spaces with Star Flooring. Experience the harmony between technology of Star Flooring and the design of Stefano Giovannoni. Stargio’s technology completes a European living space, adding classy design and character. A new era of floor design begins now.


Stefano Gionvannoni, a master of design, was born in La Spezia, Italy, in 1954, and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence in 1978. He was a former professor at the University of Florence and the Domus Academy in Milan. As one of the founders of the King-Kong Production and Voly Disc exercise, his works focus on virtual worlds, such as cartoons, science novels, mythology, and fantasy. He has received many international design awards (Forum Design Hanover Award, Gold Compass Award, Design Plus Award), and his works are being permanently displayed at MoMa, New York and the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. He is currently working as a commercial interior architect, and is a professor at Project University, Reggio Emilia.



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