스타강마루 | STAR Heavy traffic flooring
Star flooring focuses on the quality of the products as our top priority and provides total service from the production to the construction in order to satisfy our customers. Korea's representative flooring company, Star Flooring, works with honesty and credibility to produce products with quality anyone can count on.
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STAR Heavy traffic flooring

STAR Heavy traffic flooring


Ideal products for the commercial areas

Star Heavy traffic flooring has high hardened abrasion resistance and superior durability. So, it is suitable for the classrooms and public areas where people crowded and put their shoes on. Star flooring also supplies Vintage patterns (Synchronous grain HPM) which brings the feel and texture of real wooden floors


Hardened HPM (High Pressure Melamine sheet)

Strong abrasion resistant (Al2O3)

High thermal conductivity

Super E0 grade of Formaldehyde emission (Below 0.3㎎/ ℓ)

Strong Stain resistance, Discoloration resistance and Easy maintenance

Quality guaranteed by own production from the initial to the packing




H-151 Oak

* 본 화면 이미지는 실제 제품과 다소 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.


Plank Size :
140(W) x 1200(L) x 12(T)mm / Oak / Surface: HPM(High Pressure Melamine)
140(W) x 1200(L) x 15(T)mm / Oak / Surface: HPM(High Pressure Melamine)
190(W) x 1200(L) x 12(T)mm / Surface: Embossed in Register HPM
190(W) x 1200(L) x 15(T)mm / Surface: Embossed in Register HPM

Surface treatment: HPM(High Pressure Melamine), Synchronous Grain(EIR) HPM(High Pressure Melamine)
Usage : For normal usage in commercial areas and suitable for bottom heating system

With the best materials and technology, Star Flooring is focused on making unique products.